Tamtron delivers belt scales always according to the customer’s needs, which guarantees the best result in terms of weighing accuracy and the entire production process. This is made possible by solid expertise, which, according to Sales Manager Sami Jaakonaho, is like folklore at Tamtron. In the company’s more than 100-year history, knowledge and expertise have always been passed on from professionals to their successors, who in turn enrich the whole with new practices.

Jaakonaho joined Tamtron even before graduating as a mechanical and production engineer in 2018. After orienting from mechanical design into sales, and gaining additional knowledge from Tamtron’s Pekka Saarinen, Jaakonaho has been able to bring his broad understanding of weighing equipment, production aspects, and requirements definition to the benefit of the customers. In this article, Jaakonaho explains more about Tamtron’s belt scale expertise.

Belt scales for weighing bulk materials

Common materials weighed with belt scales include aggregates from mines, wood chips from the forest industry, coal from power plants, and other bulk materials such as cement and fertilisers. Belt scales are used in virtually all sectors where uninterrupted and accurate monitoring of bulk material flows is required.

When necessary, Tamtron also manufactures belt scales certified for commercial use, but typically the equipment is used in the middle of the process, where commercial approval is not required. Tamtron’s deliveries also include emission trading scales for monitoring and reporting of carbon dioxide emissions from combustion plants.

Tailor-made belt scale solutions

Tamtron’s involvement in belt scale projects typically starts when the customer is reasonably advanced in the design of the conveyor solution they need, and the initial data needs to be collected to determine the appropriate weighing solution. At this stage, all information that can influence the operation of the scales is important. In light of this information, it may be necessary to make further changes to the conveyor, such as adjusting the belt speed.

Tamtron’s expertise could, in fact, be used even more. In an optimal situation, Tamtron would be involved in the design process of the conveyor and could offer its assistance in needs assessment and data acquisition. At the same time, Tamtron’s experts can address possible hidden problems. Although the static weighing accuracy of the belt scale is very good, the conveyor and the scales always form a whole, where the true weighing accuracy is only achieved after taking all disturbances and errors into account. In dynamic weighing, the measurement error of the belt scale is typically ± 0,5-2 %.

What also sets Tamtron apart from many other players is that the company always delivers a scale tailored to the customer’s conveyor and roller profile. When the scales are customized for a specific conveyor, installation is smooth, and the rollers can be precisely aligned. This ensures accurate and reliable measurement, which in turn contributes significantly to the efficiency and smoothness of the production process. This saves time, effort, and money.

Comprehensive belt scale service

Tamtron’s expertise is also available to customers for the installation and commissioning of belt scales. Where many in the industry only supply individual components, Tamtron’s real strength lies in its comprehensive understanding and service of the weighing process.

At Tamtron, customers are not left to their own devices even after installation and commissioning. Instead, the company’s professional service department offers its assistance, if necessary, even throughout the life cycle of the scale. In the most convenient option for the customer, Tamtron takes care of everything related to the belt scale and its operation, from maintenance and inspection to modernisation.

It is a good idea to have the belt scale serviced and checked at least once a year. This way, the scale will serve a long time and one can be sure that it is in good working order. Regular in-service test weighing checks are also important to identify any need for maintenance and to ensure that the scale remains accurate.

Comprehensive maintenance services, combined with modern design techniques and case-by-case documentation, provide the basis for a high-quality and versatile service. Tamtron does not solve just one problem, but always takes the whole picture into account and provides solutions that benefit the customer’s entire business.

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

Our guide provides designers and those responsible for purchasing a weighing system with information and advice on the needs of modern design and how to get the most out of a weighing system to benefit your business.

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