Belt scales have been used in industrial processes to monitor material flows for decades. In mining, for example, huge amounts of material are transferred at different process stages, often by belt conveyor.  Measuring the amount of material being transferred on a belt conveyor is possible.

The resulting weighing data can be used to monitor how much material has been moved. Of course, accurate measurement results are also important when mass flow processes are adjusted based on the results.

Sami Jaakonaho, Sales Manager at Tamtron, who has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in belt weighers and other weighing equipment and systems, explains more in his article.

Belt scale for mining industry – what to take into account when purchasing?

As the mining industry strives for an efficient and reliable production process, belt scales offer a cost-effective way to add weighing to the transfer method commonly used in its processes.

When considering the purchase of a belt weigher, it is a good idea to choose a supplier that offers solutions tailored to the specific site and materials to be handled. It is also important to ensure the expertise and capability of the supplier in terms of installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair of the equipment. Continuous availability of spare parts is also essential to minimize production downtime.

The durability and suitability of belt scales for weighing the very heavy materials processed in the mining industry are critical. A belt weigher designed by an expert for a specific purpose and serviced by the equipment manufacturer ensures its long life cycle.

Accurate and reliable belt weigher as a complete solution

Tamtron’s experts are always ready to serve the customer with the desired scope of supply, from tender design surveys to installation, commissioning, and in-service maintenance of the finished product. If required, Tamtron is therefore able to provide a comprehensive service to the customer, rather than just offering a specific standard product, which can be challenging for the customer to adapt to the application.

Tamtron’s belt scales are a safe choice even for customers in the mining industry, where equipment needs to withstand heavy wear and tear and last for up to decades. With Tamtron, spare parts are generally readily available and the company is able to modernise the scales to meet changing requirements.

Tamtron’s services include the installation of the weighing solutions or, alternatively, installation supervision, but the customer can also install the belt conveyor after delivery and order an installation inspection and commissioning from Tamtron. Regular in-service maintenance and inspections ensure the reliable operation and accuracy of the belt scales.

Tamtron’s strong expertise is not concentrated in one person, but is widely spread across the sales, engineering, manufacturing and service departments. This experience is reflected in the ability to find the best solutions to customer needs at every stage of the delivery process.

Easy data processing of weighing events with mScales

Today, the belt weigher can also be connected to Tamtron’s mScales digital weighing service, which enables real-time monitoring of weighing data. mScales connects the scale and weighing data to the business system, enabling planning and real-time monitoring of operations.

With mScales, weighing events are managed in real time and all data related to weighing is easily and immediately available to all stakeholders. The service requires no major hardware investment and is highly reliable and easy to use.

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

Our guide provides designers and those responsible for purchasing a weighing system with information and advice on the needs of modern design and how to get the most out of a weighing system to benefit your business.

Tamtron mScales – Digital weighing service

Maximise efficiency of your operations with Tamtron mScales.

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