Swedish Malmfältens Kross (MKAB) is a mining and earth moving operator with several active sites in Sweden. MKAB is responsible for crushing operations at Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB’s (LKAB) Gällivare quarry. LKAB’s core business is iron ore mining and further processing for industrial needs.

Tamtron delivers weighing solutions – from traditional scales to integrated intelligent total weighing data solutions for the needs of many different industries

“At the Gällivare plant, we produce finely crushed iron ore that looks almost like black flour. We crush it from stones of about 150 mm. Because we are paid per tonne, it is important that material weighing data is reliable and accurate. We need to know how much material is loaded, moved and manufactured. When it was time to expand our equipment, we turned to Tamtron, the market leader in industrial scales, “says Thomas Niemi, site manager at Malmfältens Kross AB.

“The solutions and service offering are designed to meet our customers’ needs. MKAB had a need for a digital reporting system, so we ended up discussing Tamtron’s cloud solutions. We defined a total solution that is fully optimized for MKAB’s needs. Digital weighing data management saves time and money “For example, at LKAB, digital reporting is a prerequisite for becoming a subcontractor,” says Björn Hillström, Tamtron’s Key Account Manager for Central Sweden.

I have been working with MKAB for almost four years and it has been rewarding to be building weighing solutions with them just for their needs.
Björn Hillström
Tamtron’s Key Account Manager for Central Sweden

Tamtron cloud solutions for wireless data transmission and efficient weighing data management

Tamtron’s weighing data management systems have been developed for wireless collection, storage and management of weighing data. The weighing event is automatically sent from the scale to cloud services when the driver or operator stores the data. The data is stored on a server and can be read and managed through a web browser on any computer connected to the Internet. Each user has their own login ID and thus the rights according to the user profile. Tamtron’s cloud services and intelligent weighing data management systems streamline operations, saving time and money.

Picture: MKAB (c) 2021

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