Over the decades, Tamtron has built up extensive experience in a wide range of powder material handling systems. Some years ago, a few companies in the battery metals industry became interested in this expertise and soon a wider need was identified in this new industry. Janne Kousa, Tamtron’s CTO for key technology development and design, explains more in the article.

Safe high-quality products for battery material processing

Since the new need has emerged, Tamton’s Lahti unit has been actively developing its products to meet the requirements of the battery industry, especially for the upstream processing of lithium, nickel, cobalt, and other materials. These solutions include big bag loading and unloading stations, mixing reactors, additive dosing equipment, and, of course, traditional industrial scales such as floor scales and silo scales.

Tamtron’s products can also treat black mass from battery recycling. In addition, Tamtron can supply filling stations for large bags and IBC containers, LIW feeders and cup scales for dosing small quantities of material.

Safety in handling of materials has recently become an important issue due to the toxicity of many of the materials used in the manufacture of battery cells. At Tamtron, this challenge has been recognized and is being addressed, in particular through product dust management solutions designed with these materials in mind.

Efficient and reliable battery material handling with holistic solutions

Rather than supplying individual products or components, Tamtron prefers to work with the customer to design a system consisting of suitable modules to meet all their needs – whether the system in question is small or large.

Tamtron has solid expertise in plant automation, which enables it to provide comprehensive holistic solutions to its customers. In addition to the actual processing solutions, deliveries can also include, for example, local control centers and software with user interfaces. In addition, Tamtron implements agile interfaces to other systems according to reporting and process data needs.

Responsible battery material processing

When implementing systems, it is best to leave the design of the core process equipment to an expert, freeing up time for the rest of the design and project organisation to the fact that one party takes overall responsibility for the performance of the process.

An expert like Tamtron is also able to bring different views to bear on the operation of the process when it is a new area of production or an extension to an existing process or equipment. Tamtron is able to provide integration for a wide range of processes, whether it is material handling, dosing or slurring of powders into a liquid.

Tamtron’s strengths include its appropriate size, which enables it to deliver cost-effective holistic solutions in an agile manner, while at the same time having the resources to manage its own supply chain with high quality up to delivery.

Tamtron focuses on sustainable and sustainably produced solutions that are in a class of their own in terms of usability and maintainability. This ensures that the value of the customer’s investment is preserved for the future.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. 

Download a guide to purchasing weighing and dosing solutions for the battery industry

Our guide will help especially designers and those responsible for project and purchasing management to choose weighing and dispensing solutions for the battery industry. It provides information on the issues to consider, whether for battery production or recycling

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