A gift for the Baltic Sea: Tamtron supports the John Nurminen Foundation this Christmas

The Baltic Sea is over 15 000 years old and has served as a gateway for many countries, allowing them to operate internationally. It is a home for several species and is providing food and living for many people from it’s surrounding countries. In the true spirit of Christmas, Tamtron has decided to support the John Nurminen Foundation in their work to protect Baltic Sea. This initiative is in line with our commitment to sustainability.

The John Nurminen Foundation, with its deep-rooted mission to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea has expanded its focus to include vital marine conservation projects. Recognising that there is no point in preserving the cultural heritage of the sea if the sea itself is suffering, the Foundation is now leading the fight to protect our marine environment.

By supporting the John Nurminen Foundation, we’re not just making a donation, we’re investing in the future of our seas. A healthy Baltic Sea not only supports a diverse marine ecosystem, but also the cultural traditions associated with it and the wellbeing of the people and business around it. Through this collaboration, we hope to inspire other organisations and individuals to support the important work of the John Nurminen Foundation. To make donation go to: https://johnnurmisensaatio.fi/en/

We believe that our combined efforts can make a significant difference in preserving the Baltic Sea for future generations, ensuring that its cultural and environmental richness remains a source of inspiration and joy for many Christmases to come.


We want to say thanks to all out customers and partners for co-operation during the year 2023. We wish you all happy holidays and prosperous 2024!