Earth moving

In the heavy business of construction, earth moving and mining, the need for reliable weighing is more than a prerequisite. Material flows are vast, and the work is demanding. Collecting and analysing accurate weighing data is invaluable in making the processes more efficient with collaborative effort. The collected information, beginning from the loader and the loading location, makes tracking loads easier, billing quicker, and the material flows smoother to control.

Our dumper truck scales, wheel loader scales and truck scales designed especially for worksites, and user-friendly weighing data cloud services makes us a reliable partner in earthworks and mining sites. With advanced and easy-to-use Tamtron scales, loads can be weighed during normal operations. The weighing information from several scales is available real-time in Tamtron’s cloud service or can be integrated into your ERP system.


  • Collect and analyse accurate weighing information
  • Simplify the tracking of loads
  • Enable easy reporting between parties
  • Optimize site efficiency by tracking schedules and amounts of materials loaded
  • Make the billing quicker and legally validated
  • Make business transparent and fair for all parties
  • Control the material flows with ease