P. Örn, a civil engineering company based in Hyvinkää, has used Tamtron scales for two decades. Founded in 1982, the company has grown from a one-person business to a family business employing more than twenty people, offering a comprehensive range of gravel screening, excavation and loading services. Automatic wheel loader scales are driver-friendly and facilitate invoicing.   

Two decades of Tamtron scales

The first Tamtron scales arrived at P. Örn at the turn of the millennium. The company’s business was booming, and it purchased its first large wheel loaders and sieves. At the same time, it was decided to invest in automatic weighing to make the work more efficient.

The first scales made such a good impression that P. Örn has decided to use only Tamtron weighing systems. Currently, they have a total of 11 scales on their wheel loaders.

Tamtron’s wheel loaders automatically weigh the material when the loader bucket is raised. The current scales are based on cloud technology: the reading from the bucket is transferred from the construction site directly to a weighing information service under the customer’s roof and integrated into, for example, an ERP system.

“Tamtron scales have made our office work and control over loads much easier. The readings go directly to the cloud; the reports are run weekly from there,” says Managing Director Jani Örn.

mężczyzna w kasku

The new generation scales are driver-friendly

Örn praises Tamtron’s new generation One Power scales as easy to use – although the technology has advanced, usability has not been compromised. The scales are rapid to learn how to use and very driver-friendly.

“When you’re driving, you don’t have to think, ‘I’m using the scales now,'” says Matti, who drives the loader. For example, you can change the type of material being loaded on the fly. You don’t have to enter the weighing into the system; it’s done automatically.

Although Örn’s working days as CEO are mostly spent on other tasks, he has also tried out Tamtron’s latest scale models while supporting the loaders.

“After a minute’s training, I got to grips with the scales,” Örn recalls.

Ekran Tamtron

Accurate measurement is crucial for commercial operations

At P. Örn, invoicing is based entirely on the measurement results of Tamtron scales. Business and customer satisfaction rely on precise weighing results.

“The scales tell the invoicing instructions directly; there is no need to recheck them.”

P. Örn also ensures that Tamtron’s scales are certified every three years. In this way, their accuracy of measurement is maintained for official trading.

Thanks to the automation of Tamtron scales, the possibility of human error during loading is reduced, supported by real-time cloud services for weighing data.

The scales are accurate, approved and ready for commercial weighing.
Jani Örn, CEO

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