Adven Oy is the leading provider of energy and water solutions in Northern Europe. The company provides steam, heat and cooling to industry and implements a range of solutions to help customers achieve better energy, water and material efficiency. The company has relied on Tamtron’s digital solutions to monitor the amount of energy in fuels. 

“We have been purchasing truck scales from Tamtron for several years now. Additionally we use mScales digital weighing service, maintenance services and other additional modules that meet our needs, such as digital warehouse management,” says Vesa Tiikkaja, Development Manager at Adven Oy.

Business of modern energy company is driven by ecology

High emission allowance prices and securing domestic energy supplies are recurrent issues in the energy sector. As an industry leader, Adven is working to build a more sustainable business, for example by using renewable fuels.

According to Tiikkaja, the company has found Tamtron’s solutions invaluable for measuring accurate amounts of energy.

“We use peat, forest chips and recycled wood chips as fuels, which we weigh on Tamtron’s vehicle scales. It’s important for us to be able to accurately measure fuel use at each plant.”

Adven käyttää Tamtronin digitaalisia punnitusratkaisuja energiamäärien mittaamisessa ja varastonhallinnassa.

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Tamtron mScales – Digital weighing service

Maximise efficiency of your operations with Tamtron mScales.

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Competent partner supports business extensively

According to Tiikkaja, digital weighing and warehousing services have improved Adven’s data management and made its processes even more modern. Centralized fuel reporting clarifies and streamlines the business. The close partnership and high-quality mobile services have brought significant savings to the business and improved the company’s transparency.

“Tamtron provides us with the most cost-effective solutions. Their products and services have enabled us a better knowledge-based management. Implementing new solutions has been easy thanks to their comprehensive training.”

The need for Tamtron’s expertise has also been identified in the company’s other development projects, which will allow the partnership to expand in the future.

“Co-operation with Tamtron has been really easy and smooth from the beginning. We have always received prompt answers to any questions we may have had and our joint development work has been handled flexibly. We are very happy with the partnership and it’s sure to continue,” Tiikkaja praises.

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Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. 

Advenin työntekijät työskentelevät näyttöpäätteiden ääressä Tamtronin punnitusratkaisujen parissa.
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