Tamtron has announced a significant update to its One Instrument software on 13.5.2024, enhancing the functionality of on-board scales. The latest Over-the-Air (OTA) update introduces an improved storage mode feature to the One Power user interface.

The OTA update brings an exciting new feature to the One Power user interface – an upgraded storage mode. This enhancement increases the number of material boxes available in the instrument’s storage from four to six. Consequently, the One Instrument can now accommodate six different memory logs, enabling the storage and retrieval of weighing data for a variety of materials or loaders.

Implementing the OTA update does not require any additional effort from the user – the scale will upload the update automatically when connected to Internet, starting from 13.5.2024. This will ensure that all One Instruments are equipped with the latest software enhancements. Tamtron has conducted extensive field tests to guarantee the update’s effectiveness and readiness for widespread deployment.

How to activate the new memory log feature

1. The display will automatically upload the OTA update when connected to Internet, and the update will activate when restarting the display. During the update, don’t switch of the power from One Instrument.

2. Activate the new feature by navigating to “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Weighing” -> “Operation” and choose the option “Extra material buttons in Storage mode“. This will activate the 6 memory logs to the display.