Sartorius is a global and internationally leading equipment specialist and manufacturer for the biomedical industry, with specialized laboratory scales for a wide range of weighing needs, from basic weighing to particle analysis and pipette calibration. 

As a comprehensive weighing service provider, it is important for Tamtron to be able to offer solutions for weighing needs of all sizes. In addition to the solutions the company manufactures itself, its product portfolio is extended by the high-quality German brand Sartorius for the weighing needs of the pharmaceutical industry and quality control laboratories.

Tamtron’s Lahti unit’s experience in importing Sartorius scales and providing their maintenance and calibration services dates back as far as the mid-1990s. About five years ago, Sartorius also entered the Finnish market in connection with an acquisition. Tamtron has since entered into the current service partnership with the company.

Tamtron’s services create measurement trace for weighing instruments

While Tamtron’s services support the efficiency of weighing operations in the form of reliable and uninterrupted use of equipment, often the most important factor in a highly accurate and quality-focused operation such as the pharmaceutical industry is traceability. In addition to maintenance and other measures, Tamtron’s service meets this need by providing a measurement trace for the equipment.

In general, for a complete measurement trace to be generated, calibrations and the documentation produced must include a measurement uncertainty calculation. This can only be executed in a traceable manner by an accredited laboratory.

To implement traceable calibration, the client organisation can also use its own resources to set up a quality system and obtain calibration rights. However, the processes and procedures involved in accredited weighing calibration are quite cumbersome and are performed by very few laboratories in Finland on their own. It is therefore prudent for most companies to carefully consider whether to undertake this activity themselves or to outsource it. For more information on this activity, included in Tamtron’s scope of competence, please visit the FINAS website.

Sartorius scales can be connected to mScales weighing service

The benefits of Tamtron’s mScales digital weighing service can be harnessed to further enhance the management of mass-based material flows and their data. As a good example of this, the first laboratory scale interfaces to mScales are already in use by Tamtron’s customers.

The use of mScales gives Tamtron’s customers a significant competitive advantage because, among many other benefits, it allows them to cut down on complex work steps and especially manual labour.

mScales can be connected to all quality scale brands, but with a long-shared history and solid product knowledge, connecting it to Sartorius weighing solutions is even easier and more natural for Tamtron.

Tamtron offers unique service package

Thanks to a close partnership and its own solid experience, Tamtron is the only vendor in Finland able to offer a complete package of Sartorius scale maintenance, spare parts and accredited calibration services. The service is straightforward no less because of the good relations with Sartorius as principal. Thanks to the service partnership, Tamtron is able to assist its customers in all matters related to Sartorius equipment, whether contacted directly or through the manufacturer.

In addition to Sartorius, Tamtron performs calibration for other scale brands. The company’s competence in mass and balance calibration is therefore very comprehensive and also includes sealing and initial verification rights for commercial scales.

The ability to offer products and related services from the world’s leading laboratory and precision scale manufacturer alongside in-house manufactured balances and other weighing industry top brands is a good example of Tamtron’s broad reach. Decades of experience, top-quality products, versatile know-how, and a broad understanding of how weighing and dispensing solutions work ensure that Tamtron’s current and future customers have a complete package: equipment, commissioning, maintenance, and accredited calibration.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. 

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Laboratory Manager, Sartorius-services
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