Rail weighing solutions

Advanced and durable weighing, wheel impact detection and information management solutions for railways.

Tamtron is a leading provider of advanced weighing solutions. For railways, Tamtron offers both dynamic and stationary weighing solutions for carriages, stationary weighing solutions for trains, as well as wheel impact load measurement solutions. You can also weigh individual wheels, axles, and bogies with our scales. Our quality is proven by ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate. Our scales are legal-for-trade type approved and our solutions for weighing data management can be utilised to support all company’s primary process.

Tamtron Railway Solutions

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Scalex WILD helped The Finnish Transport Agency to detect the defects and improve the safety

High speeds, heavy loads and challenging weather conditions are hard on the wheels of railway equipment. For example, they may develop flat spots due to locked brakes, which makes the wheel wear out of roundness and causes damage to rolling stock and the rails. Material defects or steel fatigue may also cause pieces of the wheel to come loose.

“A flat spot on a wheel’s running surface hits the rail on each revolution and the wheel bearings are also subjected to an equivalent force. When this continues long enough, the bearings start to break and finally jam. In the end, the axle may break and derail the train,” explains Seppo Mäkitupa, Head of the railway unit at the Finnish Transport Agency.

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Tamtron's weighing solutions for railways
Tamtron Scalex WILD - wheel impact load detector and weighing system
Tamtron Trapper - railway weighing system
Tamtron Scalex RDW - customer specific weighing solution for railways
Tamtron Silverpoint+ - control weighing system