Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. The merging of Lahti Precision business into Tamtron was predicted to produce a large number of benefits. Many of them have already come to fruition, with a good example being more comprehensive truck and train scales maintenance services.

With an expanding network of service providers, a growing workforce and a more diversified range of equipment and services, Tamtron’s customers will continue to receive more quantity and better quality in this segment as in others.

Network, staff and expertise of vehicle and train scales maintenance expands

One of the key strengths of Tamtron’s truck and train scale maintenance services is the network of regional service providers which enables maintenance and 24-hour service by telephone or, if necessary, on-site visits. The Lahti integration brings Tamtron’s regional maintenance operations even closer to customers and provides even better service coverage for the whole of Finland.

The merger will also mean a significant increase in the number of truck and train scale maintenance personnel, which will further improve the reliability and support of maintenance services. In addition, a larger organisation will provide better possibilities to respond to short notice customer needs.

Combining the expertise of two different organisations also adds qualitative value, as both Tamtron and Lahti Precision have decades of experience reinforced by their own corporate cultures. Sharing knowledge and learning from each other now enriches Tamtron’s overall expertise and ensures an even better service and customer experience.

More versatile fleet and more efficient service

One of the benefits of the integration for the truck and train scale maintenance business is its great importance for scheduled maintenance. The unified arsenal will bring a larger number and more diverse range of equipment to be utilized by all customers.

Both Tamtron and Lahti Precision have alreay had service agreements in place. The larger service organisation created by the merger provides more comprehensive content, enabling Tamtron to offer broader service contracts.

In truck and train scale maintenance – as in all its other activities – Tamtron strives for better service and greater customer benefit every day. It all comes down to one thing: efficiency. Thanks to the merger, Tamtron has been able to significantly improve its efficiency, which translates into more cost-effective services for the customer.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand.

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Harri Oittinen
After Sales manager, maintenance contracts for vehicle and train scales