In an acquisition completed in March 2023, Tamtron acquired the entire share capital of Lahti Precision. Among many other effects, the merger has provided Tamtron with better conditions to operate in the truck scale business. With expanded resources and more comprehensive expertise, Tamtron’s customers will enjoy even higher-quality vehicle weighing services. Additionally, the development of the digital weighing service, mScales, will continue to grow even stronger with the merger.

150 years of vehicle scale expertise for ever-larger customer base

With the acquisition, Tamtron’s expertise is based on as much as a 150-year combined experience. Putting together the best of the working cultures and practices of two major players and learning from each other now enrichens the company’s collective thinking and development, expands its service capabilities, and enhances its day-to-day operations. Ultimately, all of this translates into greater customer benefits – also in truck scale services.

One of the key benefits of the merger is the expansion of staff, equipment, and other resources. For example, the increased number of certification presses and stabilization weights will now better support the scheduling and execution of customer service and statutory periodic inspections. In addition, Tamtron’s extensive network of regional service points and strong service contracting activities are now available to an even larger customer base.

mScales – from best to even better

Tamtron delivers high-quality, easy-to-use trck scales designed for northern conditions with a turnkey approach and solid experience. In addition, Tamtron is particularly proud of the mScales digital weighing service it has emulated into its operations through the acquisition. It is the most versatile, easy-to-use, and efficient system on the market, developed from the ground up specifically for the truck scale environment. Together, these products form the most advanced weighing system in the industry.

With the development efforts now concentrated around a single software, the focus on mScales will be even greater in the future. Several additional members have joined Lahti’s already strong software team from Tamtron’s Tampere unit, and the power of collaboration has already been demonstrated in a short time.

Truck scale services for any industry

In many industries, accurate weighing information on the load carried by vehicles is particularly important. Tamtron’s high-quality truck scales are therefore widely used in sectors such as energy production, wood processing, food and pharmaceuticals, ports, business parks, circular economy, and waste management, as well as logistics in general.

Including the history of the current Lahti unit, Tamtron has supplied well over two thousand truck scales to various industries. Thanks to its long experience and expanded know-how, Tamtron is now even better equipped to offer the highest quality truck scale services on the market, regardless of the industry. As always, Tamtron strives to find the solutions that best meet the needs and wishes of its customers.

Tamtron mScales – Digital weighing service

Maximise efficiency of your operations with Tamtron mScales.

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