Tamtron’s industrial customers value expertise where the supplier also takes responsibility outside its core competencies. Such services include, for example, systems where bulk material is dosed in a controlled manner into a liquid and further mixed into a slurry or chemical mixture with a specific composition.

From bulk material to a liquid mixture of uniform quality – what should be taken into account when dosing?

In the first phase of the system design, it is essential to understand the properties of the material to be dosed in the process, such as grain size, fluidity, density, and the required dosing capacity range. Based on these factors, Tamtron’s experts can determine the most appropriate dosing method and technology.

Depending on the process parameters, dosing can be implemented with, for example, dosing valves, screw or LIW (Loss-In-Weight) feeder. All of the above, Tamtron’s Lahti unit has component-level technological know-how and the ability to combine it with intelligent weighing automation. Depending on the amount of material to be dosed per time unit, dosing can be carried out from, for example, a silo, a container or a big bag unloading station. Tamtron offers competitive, modular technology solutions for each of them.

Tamtron's dispensing solutions include Loss-In-Weight feeders.

Mixing and controlling liquid and powder material with an automated system

Depending on the ingredients to be mixed, the liquid mixing tank can be made of stainless, acid-proof or carbon steel. Tamtron has a network of good, cost-effective suppliers for different types of tanks with equipment.

Measuring the amount of liquid and choosing a mixer system is based on the process goals defined together with the customer. Typical tank sizes in the Tamtron-delivered systems have ranged between 2-10 cubic metres. The mixers can be equipped with a semi-automatic washing function if needed.

The dosing-slurry mixing system is controlled by an automation system engineered and built by Tamtron’s Lahti unit. If the customer so wishes, the system can also be connected to the next level of factory automation (e.g., Valmet DNA, Siemens). Systems of this kind are used, for example, in the forest industry (i.e. in the glue kitchens of plywood and veneer wood industry), paint factories, and in battery metal production and recycling (black mass* processing systems).

Tamtron provides dosing and slurry mixing solutions that can be controlled by an automation system, for example in glue kitchens used by the forest industry.

Efficient slurry mixing system with holistic solution

Tamtron always offers expert commissioning, in-service maintenance, and calibration of the equipment it supplies. In addition, it is happy to provide a quotation for recommended spare parts at the time of system delivery.

As an expert, Tamtron can take full responsibility for the whole system’s mapping requirements, planning, delivery, and maintenance, as well as keeping it up to date.

* Batteries and accumulators are made of metals (e.g. lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese). When a battery or accumulator reaches the end of its life cycle, it is collected, dismantled and crushed. The crushed material resulting from this process is called black mass.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand.

Tamtron supplies big bag unloading and mixing systems for the battery industry

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

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