Hiab is the world’s leading supplier of load-handling equipment for a wide range of brands. The company supplies more than 100 timber cranes to Finland every year. For decades, machines have been fitted with Tamtron’s One Timber to guarantee first-class weighing accuracy, data transmission and high-quality weighing results. 

Timber scales are a must for timber truck operators and must be able to operate even in the harsh Finnish winter conditions. There are strict quality criteria: the scales must provide accurate weighing results, and the data transmission must be reliable and real-time.

Because of the nature of the work, the user must be able to rely on the scale to withstand even heavy use.

The end customer is at the heart of Hiab’s service and satisfaction. That is why it has been easy for the company to work with Tamtron for decades.

“We’ve been working with Tamtron for a long time and even more closely over the years. We value good cooperation in terms of sales and after-sales”, says Henri Kitula, Product Sales Manager of Hiab.

First-class service and customer experience

Hiab does not service the scales, but the ones that need to be serviced are passed on to Tamtron. Kari Silander, Hiab’s Maintenance Supervisor, has been satisfied with Tamtron’s service.

“The service has been speedy. Tamtron helps customers a lot directly, so we don’t have to be the middleman”, Silander says.

Tamtron’s speed of service is also praised.

“You can get a replacement part sometimes within 24 hours, and Tamtron also does the service usually within a week to a week and a half,”, Silander continues.

“The most important thing is that the end customer receives good service and a good product. I can recommend Tamtron to everyone in the industry,” Kitula sums up.

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