Mångs Åkeri is a Swedish family business specialising in transporting timber from forests to industry. The company uses Tamtron’s One Timber timber scales, an easy-to-use wireless system, to ensure accurate weighing results.  

Loading and transporting timber requires precision. Especially when loading pulpwood, a reliable timber scale is essential, as the operation is based on the weight of the material. The One Timber scale with cloud services provide a reliable and easy-to-use weighing system that meets the precise requirements of timber transport.

Mångs Åkeri in Sweden has been using Tamtron’s One Timber timber scales for a few years. The company transports pulpwood and sawn timber for Billerud and Mellanskog.

“We have tried many other weighing systems, including those from Tamtron, but these have been older models. The One Timber system we are using now is the first we have tried that works wirelessly,” says Anders Ivarsson, a driver.

Accuracy in all weathers

One of Timber’s advantages over older scales, with hydraulics in the sensor, is its ability to withstand changing conditions. The Nordic spring and autumn months bring big swings in temperature, from cold mornings to sunny afternoons. Where a hydraulic scale lives with changing temperatures, One Timber weighs accurately regardless of the conditions.

Another advantage of One Timber is the excellent accuracy of measuring what is loaded.

“If the result is ever wrong, it is usually a human factor, such as overloading – not the operation of the scale,” says Ivarsson.

Mångs Åker’s drivers have been delighted with the One Timber: “We can warmly recommend it to others!”

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