mScales Double control unit for mobile vehicle scales or modernisation

The mScales Double control unit helps you modernise your vehicle scale to meet the modern weighing demands. You can also easily connect to the mScales weighing service.

When a modern, multichannel scale instrument is connected to the mScales weighing service, it allows remote diagnosis and maintenance of the scale and analysis of individual load cell signals.

The control unit also has many connections for devices commonly needed for vehicle scales. As all control devices can be found in the same casing by the scale, the Double control unit is also an excellent choice for mobile vehicle scales. 4G/LTE connections can also form a link to mScales.

Our products are robust and designed to withstand demanding conditions. We work continuously with inspection authorities so our commercial scales meet today’s requirements.

Technical specifications
Purpose of use- Modernisation of a vehicle scale

- New, mobile vehicle scale
MountinPole or wall
Casing materialStainless steel
Width 384mm
Depth 210mm
mScales connectionEthernet and/or 4G, LTE
Power supply230VAC
Electrical protectionAgainst atmospheric voltage spikes
Control devices- Scale instrument WA-903+

- Verified and certified weight display and operating panel

- 4G router and antenna

- mScales IoT device

- Signal beacon (green/red)
Accessories Mounting pole with a platform
Connections - Weight displays

- Traffic lights

- Cameras

- Gate/beam control

- Offline weighing

- Automation system integration


Modernise your weighing system with a digital service

mScales is a digital weighing service that connects your scale and business management system together, building one seamless unit. The mScales weighing service allows you to manage your weighing operations in real time, distributing the weighing information automatically to all relevant stakeholders.

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