Nordkalk is a leading supplier of limestone-based products and solutions in Northern Europe and has a strong position in Central Europe. The company transports vast volumes of raw materials and products yearly, which requires seamlessly functioning logistics. The international company has streamlined its logistics processes and improved business security by modernising and integrating its truck scales and connecting them to the mScales digital weighing service.   

Modern truck scales meet today's requirements

Weighing plays a significant role in Nordkalk’s operations, so reliability and durability are the most essential features required of truck scales. Nordkalk’s lk’s Swedish site had many old scales and weighing equipment from different suppliers. The condition of the truck scales was fully surveyed by Tamtron (Tamtron’s Lahti unit, formerly known as Lahti Precision). At the same time, an action plan was drawn up to modernise the scales to the level required by modern electronics and sensor technology.

During the project, which started in 2019, Nordkalk’s weighing systems were completely modernised. Around 20 truck scales were connected to the mScales weighing service and through it to Nordkalk’s ERP system.

As a result of the modernisation, short-life equipment such as receipt writers, remote readers, sensors and local PCs were removed from the “field” and replaced by a mobile interface that accompanies the driver. At the same time, a lot of manual work and maintenance costs associated with the equipment were eliminated.

mScales weighing service streamline logistics processes

Before the service was introduced, Nordkalk used several logistics systems at different locations. mScales helped the company to harmonise business practices while providing new in-depth information about customers, suppliers and the company.

The digital weighing service integrates with ERP/CRM system controls, seamlessly sharing data for billing, supply chain and customer purposes. Special attention has been paid to weighing codes, which has greatly facilitated logistics management. Drivers can now quickly, safely and independently pick up and load a delivery using a pick-up code.

“The mScales service allows us to use weighing codes. Every shipment and every single delivery goes through the weighing code. When the driver arrives at the scales, he uses the pick-up code for that customer and delivery,” says Carl Johan Salomonsson, Logistics Manager at Nordkalk.

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Digital weighing service is easy to use

The intelligent solution improves logistics security, as the weighing codes enable drivers to check the accuracy of materials and delivery times to customers. Nordkalk employees have also been pleased with the well-functioning digital service, whose tangible benefits are visible in their daily work.

The service is easy to use in the field or remotely from the home office. All necessary documents are conveniently stored in one place, from electronic weighing slips to transport documents with electronic signatures. The service also allows you to generate an electronic transfer document. The mScales weighing service is already used seamlessly by external suppliers and in-house staff.

“It is effortless to visit the scales, as the product and vehicle are weighed, driven to the factory, loaded and sent out. For weighing transactions, we have weighing codes that drivers receive before they drive to the scales. Drivers have commented that the system is straightforward and user-friendly. I recommend the mScales weighing service because it is easy for all users and partners,” sums up Salomonsson.

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You can also sign up for a free demo of the mScales weighing service. During the demo, an expert will explain how the mScales digital weighing service works and the benefits it brings for improving business efficiency. You can also test the mScales service yourself during the demo.

A service contract guarantees a longer life for truck scales

Tamtron’s service and maintenance contract guarantees the company peace of mind regarding scales and weighing equipment. With the contract, Tamtron will be responsible for scheduled maintenance, statutory inspections, certification, and scheduling. This ensures that measures affecting the reliability, accuracy and life cycle of the scales are always carried out on time.

The maintenance service enables Nordkalk not only to ensure comprehensive and uninterrupted operations but also to ensure continuous access to spare parts. With modernisation, the condition of the weighing equipment and possible faults can also be monitored remotely by software. If you have any questions or problems with the scales, you can easily find the answers at a single telephone number.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. 

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