Mines and metal refiners typically operate uninterrupted. Machinery and equipment are required to operate with high reliability and the manufacturer is required to provide long-term support to maintain this. Tamtron has successfully established itself as the preferred supplier of weighing technology among the demanding Nordic mining and metal processing operators. It has also been active with newcomers in the industry, developing solutions for the battery metal industry, for example.

In the mining and metal processing industry, Tamtron’s customer is most often an industrial end-user, but can also typically be a supplier of conveyor systems. The latter scenario offers a real win-win situation for all parties involved, as illustrated by the example of a raw material transfer process in the metal industry:

  • The end-customer chooses a cost-effective, reliable conveyor supplier who takes overall responsibility for the system towards the end-customer.
  • The supplier is confident in mastering the design, manufacturing and commissioning of conveyors, and will know from experience that it pays to entrust weighing to a true expert in the field.
  • Tamtron’s experts will consult with the conveyor supplier’s engineers and together they will develop an accurate situational picture of what kind of belt scale to offer, taking into account roll lengths, angles, or other weighing technical details. In this case, the belt scale represents a fraction of the total investment, meaning that compromise solutions with reduced accuracy and higher life cycle costs are not a real option.
Tamtron provides reliable belt scales for the mining and metal processing industries.

Tamtron weighing solutions for mining and metal processing industry

The needs of metal refiners vary greatly depending on what metals or their precursors are being manufactured. Producing steel is quite straightforward output of large tonnage. When manufacturing less common processed metal products, the production process includes a wider range of intermediate stages and sub-processes.

The processing of raw materials required in these phases often also requires the use of big bag unloading or filling stations. As a dosing technique, silo weighing, belt scales, screws, vibrators or Loss-In-Weight feeders can be used as needed. Different technologies have their advantages and limitations, which is why it is worth discussing dosing issues of bulk materials with weighing industry experts.

Tamtron's weighing and dosing solutions are used in the mining and metal refining industry for nickel processing.

Convenience with digital weighing service

Tamtron’s digital mScales weighing service is the first of its kind in the world. The volume of users has doubled year on year and the service is being actively developed to meet the growing diversity of customer needs.

mScales enables unprecedented business benefits for Tamtron’s customers and can be connected to all types of scales, regardless of the original manufacturer.

The service significantly improves the efficiency of industrial weighing by automating critical mass-based data flows. Secure and reliable, the cloud-based system scales effortlessly to meet customer needs.

A company in the mining industry benefits from mScales when using, for example, loader scales, dumper/truck scales, belt scales or silo scales. As processes are automated, occupational safety is also improved.

The digital mScales service directs weighing data.

Best outcome with an experienced expert

Alongside digitalisation and new solutions to support the green transition, Tamtron continues active development in the areas of industrial weighing and bulk dosing.

The best end result, i.e. an optimal process and weighing and/or dosing solutions that best meet the customer’s needs and wishes, is typically achieved when Tamtron has the opportunity to define them together with the customer or an engineering company.

Tamtron therefore encourages its customers not to hesitate in getting in touch at an early stage of the design process. By bringing in an experienced and knowledgeable weighing house at the beginning of a project, the client can make the most of its expertise.

Tamtron mScales – Digital weighing service

Maximise efficiency of your operations with Tamtron mScales.

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