In recent years, Tamtron has invested heavily in developing equipment and automation for the battery industry. Today, the company offers solutions for all stages of the battery manufacturing and downstream processes, from the receipt of raw materials to their transfer, dosing, weighing and packaging of the final products. The company’s customers include manufacturers of battery metals and cathode materials and battery recycling companies. The materials handled include cobalt, nickel, lithium, manganese, cathode precursor and black mass.   

The proliferation of electric vehicles and other electrical appliances has significantly increased the demand for batteries and made the battery industry an emerging trend. As a result, battery recycling facilities will become even more widespread.

Therefore, the handling, storage and transport of powdered materials used in battery manufacturing and generated in the recycling process will increasingly require bag-handling equipment and dosing systems, which Tamtron offers to this growing and developing industry with its solid experience.

Weighing solutions for sustainable development - Tamtron supports Fortum's goal

In recent years, Tamtron has made several technology deliveries to European battery industry plants. These deliveries have included significant bag unloading and loading stations, IBC container loading stations, mixing reactors, LIW (Loss in Weight) feeders, tank, floor, cup and belt scales.

A good example is Fortum, an international listed company and a long-standing customer of Tamtron, where Tamtron has supplied sophisticated weighing and dosing technology for the main raw material streams of their hydrometallurgical battery recycling plant in Harjavalla.

Battery recycling is part of Fortum’s goal of a carbon-neutral economy. It contributes to the self-sufficiency of Europe by returning critical materials for battery production back to European production. It is also an example of how Tamtron has contributed to building the Finnish and European battery industry ecosystems.

Tamtron's experience and reliability are often the criteria for selection

Many players in the battery industry have chosen Tamtron as their technology supplier, as equipment reliability is critical, especially in 24×7 installations. Tamtron’s strong expert and maintenance organisation also ensures that processes run smoothly. By minimising production disruptions, operators can focus on what is essential and keep production as efficient as possible.

Particularly in the case of more expensive raw materials, the accuracy of dosing and weighing solutions is crucial. This is achieved through extensive experience with different raw materials, the right choice of technology and components, and optimisation of equipment availability. Seamless cooperation between equipment and automation completes the efficient and error-free result.

In addition, Tamtron strives in all its activities to focus on sustainably produced solutions with high usability and maintainability. In addition, safety and ergonomics at work are extensively considered in the equipment solutions.

Digital services to control material flows in the battery industry

If required, Tamtron supplies local control centres and software with user interfaces for agile connection to higher-level systems and for collecting and reporting visit data according to customer needs. Tamtron offers installation supervision, commissioning, and training services to ensure a smooth production start-up.

Tamtron’s active goal is to enable the comprehensive monitoring of material flows and use the accumulated data for flow management. mScales weighing service provides up-to-date data from material handling and weighing to all stakeholders, regardless of location. mScales can also be integrated with the company’s business systems, allowing the data to be transferred to, for example, warehouse management or invoicing in a fully automated way without the possibility of human error.

The mScales service can, therefore, be widely used by battery manufacturing and recycling companies.

Many circular economy companies have made their operations more efficient with Tamtron’s mScales weighing service.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision in 2023. The business will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand.   

Tamtron mScales – Digital weighing service

Maximise efficiency of your operations with Tamtron mScales.

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