Weighing information at hand 24/7


Tamtron’s One Cloud service makes your business more profitable. Reliable and accurate weighing data streamlines work and processes, improves data transfer and data sharing across the organization and stakeholders, simplifies reporting and analysis, and speeds up billing.

Increase the effiency and fluency of your company’s operations

In Tamtron’s One Cloud service, weighing data is easily accessible and shared across the organization. The data can be used to develop processes as well as entire business operations. One Cloud is secure and easy to use.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from the opportunities offered by One Cloud. When scales automatically send weighing data to the server after weighing, the data is always up-to-date and available when needed also via mobile devices.

Through One Cloud, orders can be sent directly to the scale and their completion can be acknowledged. Real-time availability of weighing data ensures that billing is possible immediately after weighing. Unlike traditional receipts, data is never lost or delayed.


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