Tamtron is a pioneer in the future of weighing, drawing on decades of industry experience and combining it with digitalisation and software expertise. The company has the 14capability and resources to take on the implementation of complete weighing systems, but also supplies a range of components.

Tamtron’s holistic insight is best illustrated by its commitment to always provide the products and services best suited to the customer’s needs – for example, help the customer choose between a weighing system or individual weighing components.

Erkki Salo, who is responsible for component and spare parts sales at Tamtron and who also has long experience and expertise in larger weighing or dosing systems, explains more in his article.

Tamtron offers best weighing solutions for individual needs

The basic components of the scale are, in all simplicity, weighing sensor, the sensor’s mounting kit and the scale terminal. However, the weighing needs of each customer are individual and therefore Tamtron also identifies this starting point and needs on an individual basis.

The most suitable weighing implementation for the customer depends on many factors, such as the industry, the materials to be handled, and the rest of the system to which the scale is to be connected, i.e. what kind of outputs it should be equipped with. Another important factor is whether the weighing data produced by the scale is needed for making a trade. In that case, the scale must be verified for commercial use, and the components approved for the same purpose. For this, Tamtron has all the necessary solutions.

Automatic or non-automatic scale – what is the significance of the service provider?

Traditional non-automatic weighing is a very straightforward process that requires the weighing instrument to perform mainly basic functions. The object or portion to be weighed is placed on the scale, which gives the weighing result, which is then recorded. Components for non-automatic weighing instruments are available from a number of suppliers.

In the field of so-called automatic scales, there are more demands on both component and scale suppliers, and many Finnish scale houses do not offer approved components. As weighing becomes more automated and traceability of weighing operations takes on a more central role, the scope of the supplied solution can be extensive. Tamtron’s strengths lie in its ability to provide a full range of weighing systems, from the design and manufacturing of weighing equipment to testing and commissioning them.


When to purchase separate weighing components?

There are certain situations where it is advisable to purchase components separately. When parts become obsolete, wear out, or equipment needs or production pressures change, it may not be in the customer’s best interest to purchase a new scale, but to modernize it using available spare parts and components. 
In the second typical scenario, the weighing solution is integrated into an overall industrial process. In this case, it makes the most sense for all parties involved to select the most suitable components and assembly kits and to focus on implementing a good weighing solution rather than redesigning the customer’s own specialised technology. 
Tamtron has extensive experience in different components, industries, and handling of materials and is keen to use its expertise to the benefit of its customers. Tamtron does not just sell any component but takes into account not only the present but also the future needs of the customer.

Clarity and affordability through extensive deliveries

Sourcing all weighing equipment from the same supplier, from design to commissioning, provides certainty in areas such as liability, technical reliability, maintenance, and servicing. The overall investment can often seem large at first, which can lead to a consideration of other options.

However, it is always worth bearing in mind that, for example, the design, manufacture, tuning, and other operations of a scale require a great deal of specialized expertise, for which the company would, in any case, have to use at least its own human resources and probably also external expertise. When purchasing weighing equipment, it is useful to draw up detailed plans and to remember that, in the case of equipment with a long life cycle, the success of the investment is influenced by many factors that go beyond the purchase price.

For many, Tamtron is the place to go for expertise, simplicity, and risk-free operation. In response, Tamtron always chooses the most suitable and cost-effective options for its customers. Thus, even a large package from one experienced and knowledgeable supplier can prove to be the most cost-effective option.

Initial verification rights for commercial scales expand Tamtron’s service selection

Tamtron has the initial verification rights for scales, meaning a certificate-proven mandate to verify that the scales or measuring devices delivered comply with their EU type inspection certificates and meet the requirements of the different directives, and are thereby suited to commercial use.

For the smaller scales Tamton manufactures at its factory the initial verification can be carried out already before their delivery. The customer can then simply install and commission the scale without the need to order a separate post-installation certification.

In the case of larger scales Tamtron verifies them by using known masses after the scales have been delivered and installed. The initial verification applies to all Tamtron-manufactured scales, whether automatic or non-automatic. Tamtron’s initial verification rights ensure that it can help its customers with a comprehensive one-door service model that covers everything related to scale deliveries.

Making use of Tamtron’s expertise already during planning of investment

Tamtron’s customers’ weighing system deliveries can, if necessary, be extensive including not only scales and sensors, but also, for example, various actuators and automation solutions.

In these kinds of deliveries, the vendor has the responsibility to serve the customer holistically, taking into account the purpose of the weighing solution, the industry needs, the materials to be weighed or dosed, the surrounding systems, and other possible influencing factors. This way Tamtron, with its extensive experience and expertise, may be able to offer a solution that the customer did not even know he needed.

Tamtron’s customers often get in touch from the very beginning of a project and ask for an opinion even before the actual planning begins. This also puts Tamtron in the best position to use its expertise for the benefit of its customers.

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

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