A truck scale is most often used as a commercial scale, i.e. the weighing result is used to determine a price. The design and operation of a scale must therefore meet certain criteria, which are determined by laws, directives, and many other standards. In addition, the conditions in Northern Europe are very challenging due to temperature variations and humidity, and therefore scales must be designed specifically for these conditions.

Extensive knowledge of all these aspects requires expertise and versatile skills in scales and the management and transfer of weighing data. Tamtron’s truck scale expert Harri Brandt has built up strong expertise in both truck scales and related life cycle services. In this article, Brandt explains more of the subject.

It pays to purchase a truck scale through a careful pre-investigation

Before purchasing a truck scale, it is worthwhile to work with an expert to find the right scale solution based on the needs, operating model, and site conditions. It is also important to clarify in advance the management of weighing data, the connection to ERP, and its use in business and logistics

It is also good to be familiar with the customer’s maintenance resources and skills. The experience of an expert in different applications and industries should be utilised from the early stages of the procurement process. In this way, a reliable and efficiently functioning truck scale can be implemented for decades.

Efficient and reliable use of scales requires good access to spare parts, scheduled and fault maintenance, and remote support services. These factors place high demands on the choice of supplier. For example, modern truck scales can be remotely diagnosed on a load cell basis. The use of domestic, high-quality truck scales achieves efficient weighing and minimises risks. Truck scales are usually purchased for decades, so low acquisition costs should not be a priority.


Tamtron also takes care of the installation and maintenance of truck scales.

Weighing data management and digital weighing services

In recent years, weighing data management has become a key issue regarding also truck scales. Digital weighing services make it easy to control material flows and shipments, maintain stock balances, report to carriers, take care of in-plant stock changes, and sell weighing services to external users.

In addition, for example in the waste and circular economy sectors, digital weighing services enable the automatic capture of load photographs and, in power plants, the integration of thermal data of loads into the weighing process. The service can also be used to control gates and booms, so that, if necessary, everything can be done with a single software package.

Software maintenance is easy and there are no interface problems between different softwares. The use of a modern digital weighing service also significantly reduces manual work. These features bring significant cost savings and enable new business models.

Tamtron’s mScales, a pioneer in digital weighing services, enables all of the above. The software includes ready-to-use solutions for all work steps from individual weighing to data analysis and regulatory reporting. For truck scales, mScales is therefore by far the best choice on the market.

Maintenance and servicing of truck scales

Many companies prefer to carry out cleaning and maintenance of their truck scales on their own, which requires human resources of their own. On the other hand, regularly scheduled maintenance and triennial periodic check-ups could be left for Tamtron, whose professionals can ensure the condition of the scales, both mechanically and electronically.

Tamtron also ensures that the necessary spare parts and components are always available. Maintenance, as well as remote support and telephone service, are best agreed upon at the time of purchase to ensure a smooth transition to a more worry-free scale operation after commissioning.

Tamtron mScales – Digital weighing service

Maximise efficiency of your operations with Tamtron mScales.

Guide to designing scales and weighing systems

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