The cooperation between the Port of Kokkola and Tamtron (Tamtron’s Lahti unit, formerly known as Lahti Precision) started a decade ago when the port’s cranes’ weighing systems were replaced. In early 2020, the cooperation deepened by acquiring a new truck scale. The operator-owned truck scales had reached the end of their life cycle. It needed to be replaced by a working scale with the capacity to be connected to a digital system. Tamtron’s products and expert service provided solutions to the challenges.  

Strict requirements for new truck scales

The starting point for the project was a decades-old scale that needed to be updated to meet today’s criteria. From the outset, the scales and the weighing system had to meet strict requirements: there are many weighing operations, so the scales have to withstand much stress. The scales must also be reliable, and the flow of information must be fast and accurate, as the ship must receive accurate and ship-compliant weighing reports during loading and unloading. The harsh northern weather conditions and maritime climate also place their demands on the weighing equipment.

Weighing in the harsh northern conditions

A steel truck scale was chosen for the port of Kokkola because it was considered the most suitable scale for the port’s needs as it is easily portable. The equipment considered the demanding sea conditions in which the scales would be used. The truck scales were also given a slightly higher height (600 mm) than standard low-cost scales, which helps them to cope with natural northern phenomena such as snow, sleet and freezing. The scale was equipped with heating to keep it dry and thawed, thus improving the safety of the scale, which was one of the criteria for defining the scale.

“When the old truck scales needed a major overhaul, we bought a new one in collaboration with the Port of Kokkola. The challenge was determining the cargo as accurately and efficiently as possible because we had many weighing events. Tamtron’s mScales digital weighing service allowed us to weigh several orders simultaneously for management and easy reporting. With the new scales, we can perform all operations very efficiently,” says Kimmo Satomaa, Production Manager at Oy Otto Roden Ab in the Port of Kokkola.

Reliable data transfer with digital weighing service

The weighing data from the truck scales was to be seamlessly available to companies in the region. At the port, the customer must receive the correct amount of cargo, so it must be possible to do this reliably. The key to a weighing system is that it is data transfer and operationally efficient. mScales is Tamtron’s digital weighing service that links the weighing and business systems into one entity. The mScales weighing service automates the weighing process and digitalize material flows, and weighings are managed in real time. All weighing data is easily accessible to all stakeholders.

mScales has changed our day-to-day work at the port by enabling us to litter weigh labels. The digital mScales service greatly reduces the need for on-site visits and facilitates the maintenance of the transport register. In the future, similar Tamtron scales may be installed in the port area. Having the same software on the scales will make it much easier to implement the next weighing services,” says Jyrki Roukala, Development Manager of the Port of Kokkola.

Tamtron acquired Lahti Precision’s business in 2023 and will continue to operate under the Tamtron brand. 

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