Scalex Truck Scales can now also be connected to the Internet via Tamtron’s WNexus cloud service. You can easily and real-time track your scale’s events, make reporting more transparent, and maintain ID cards anywhere, anytime. The weighing data is transferred wirelessly to a cloud database where it is easy to monitor and maintain. Orders can also be sent directly to the truck scale. From the cloud database, the data can be easily integrated into other databases, so that the correct and accurate data is immediately available to everyone.

There are two options to choose from: online reporting, which lets you generate and view reports, or a combination of online reporting and ID card management, which lets you also report and maintain ID card information. The truck scale can be connected without changes to the current system. The software update can be installed remotely, after which the service is immediately available.

Why Connect Scalex Truck Scale to WNexus Cloud Service?

  • Makes work easier and faster
  • Weighing data is always up to date
  • Accurate weighing data is easily available to all parties
  • Can be combined in many ways with the customer’s own ERP and invoicing systems
  • Reporting features can be customized
  • The cloud service is secure
  • Optimized for all terminals
  • Software updates and support available quickly remotely
  • Currently, Tamtron’s WNexus cloud service is already used by 2,500 satisfied users!

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