The new Scalex Dumper – portable dumper truck axle scale for heavy-duty mining trucks is now available. It provides your mining site with the weighing system you need to accurately calibrate your vehicle’s own weighing system, easily in portable format. Scalex Dumper weighing system is designed to last the harsh conditions on mining sites. The Scalex Dumper series of portable dumper truck axle scales are meant to be used on ground-based foundations, allowing mine sites to transport the scale directly to their haulage assets. Scalex Dumper weighing systems are easy to install and their low-profile design minimizes overall setup costs.

The Scalex Dumper – portable dumper truck axle scale is typically designed for the maximum axle load from 200 tons up to 800 tons. Each systems’ capacity will be customized according to the customer’s needs. The touch screen weight indicator and printer are conveniently included in the briefcase designed for them. The instrument allows both static and dynamic weighing.

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