Tamtron’s products and services are available in more than 50 countries. However, this would not be possible without a comprehensive network of certified distributors, or dealers. Dealers are qualified operators who represent Tamtron locally and provide expert service throughout the lifecycle of weighing solutions.

The co-operation can be seen as both reducing the distance between parties involved in weighing solutions and opening new opportunities for them. Dealers bring Tamtron’s weighing solutions closer to international customers, thus strengthening the company’s position, expanding the service capacity of the companies acting as dealers, and helping end-users improve their production efficiency with weighing solutions that are better adapted to their needs.

Dealers get significant added value from Tamtron’s network

Tamtron’s dealers are either weighing companies themselves or serve a specific industry, such as forestry or construction equipment segments. Their customers are looking for weighing components or complete solutions that can be easily integrated into their technical solutions and production, which will improve efficiency, for example in the weighing process that is used as a basis for invoicing.

Whatever the profile of the end-user and dealer, the main advantage of the arrangement for both parties is the dealer’s more comprehensive service offering. Dealers are in regular contact with their customers, and being part of a distributor network allows them to expand their sales portfolio. As an added strength, Tamtron’s solutions are based on decades of experience and expertise, its products are of high quality, and it’s known as a pioneer in its field. This allows dealers to ensure that the weighing products and services they sell to their customers are reliable and deliver real benefits even in demanding use.

Tamtron trains all its dealers

Tamtron organises training sessions in Finland 2-3 times a year, attended by distributors from all over the world. The training is about 80 % technical and covers the installation, calibration, and commissioning of the products. As weighing solutions are installed in different ways on different machines, there are often machines from different manufacturers on site, allowing the participants to get hands-on experience of the different installation procedures.

The three-day training and all the necessary technical manuals form a package that enables the dealer to act as a local representative of Tamtron. The trainings are highly appreciated and have received good feedback from the distributor network. Typically, distributors have reported that attending the training was valuable, increased their confidence in providing the right solutions, and strengthened their ability to install scales.

Dealer has access to comprehensive materials

Dealers are supported by technical documentation from Tamtron, including installation, calibration, and operating instructions for each scale. Tamtron’s product documentation is produced in several languages, making it easier for the distributor to serve the customer comprehensively throughout the process – often in their own language.

As another essential set of materials, Tamtron provides its dealers with product materials for international marketing. These include, for example, product brochures, PowerPoint presentations for all products, as well as reference and product demonstration videos. Many dealers also carry out their own marketing, in which case Tamtron can help by providing images and ready-made texts for i.e. press releases. The company also carries out digital marketing, which targets different markets.

For the management and distribution of materials, Tamtron has developed the Knowledge Hub extranet, which supports dealers in sharing technical documents, marketing materials, and other information. The Knowledge Hub features the latest versions of brochures, manuals, and documents and is accessible to all Tamtron dealers, providing up-to-date information wherever they are.

Tamtron’s dealer is qualified to provide quality weighing equipment and related services, such as:

Dealer network facilitates smooth supply of quality weighing solutions 

Tamtron’s products and solutions are based on quality and reliability, so the company believes that support must not only be at the same level but accessible in the future as well. Tamtron does not just sell products, but service, and because of this, agents with the capacity to cover regions or even whole countries play an important role.

To ensure that distributors are well placed to support the end users of weighing solutions, Tamtron is proactive in its distributor network and ensures that distributors receive support when they need it. Tamtron offers its dealers technical and commercial support through familiar contacts and strives for a near real-time accessibility. For many operators, the ability to access support quickly in a network spread across different time zones has been significant. Positive feedback has also been received, for example, on the fast and smooth delivery of spare parts.

As part of active cooperation, Tamtron meets its dealers regularly and is happy to participate with them for example in a wide range of trade fairs. The further away from Europe one goes, the more added value and support the presence of a factory representative from the other side of the world often provides.

Tamtron’s dealer support includes:

  • Training
  • Familiar contact person
  • Technical documentation
  • Product material for marketing
  • An extranet providing up-to-date information
  • Regular meetings and representative presence

Operating as Tamtron’s dealer is rewarding

Tamtron is constantly improving its products, services, and everything it does. The dealer network has a great significance in this, as development needs mostly come from end customers. As countries and markets are different, customer needs can also vary a lot. In addition to providing Tamtron with a primary perspective on the local environment, dealers also play an important role as communicators of development needs.

Dealers are seen as part of the Tamtron family. In recognition of this, Tamtron selects two dealers from its dealer network each year to be awarded Dealer of the Year and Newcomer of the Year. Sphere24, a highly customer-oriented company that has represented Tamtron for two years in the UK and Irish markets, was chosen as Dealer of the Year 2023, while the efficient Romanian Colcear Logistics Group was awarded Newcomer of the Year. Read more >

Become a Tamtron dealer?

As Tamtron continues to grow its global business, it is actively looking for new markets and potential dealers – even in countries where they might not yet exist.

If you have strong experience in technical sales and you already serve the industries we offer our products and services for, please contact us! As a Tamtron dealer, you get to be a part of our success story that has continued for over 50 years.

Tamtron dealer network

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