Every year we at Tamtron want to recognize and celebrate our partners for their exceptional work in promoting Tamtron products, as well as serving Tamtron’s end-customers worldwide. With the “Partner of the Year” award we want to honour the partners that have had a successful  business relationship with Tamtron, and with the “Newcomer of the Year” award we honour one of our newest partners. This year both of the award-winning companies are exceptionally hard-working in their business areas and common business opportunities with Tamtron were found right from the beginning.

PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2023: Sphere24

This year we were honoured to present the ”Partner of the Year” award to Shpere24, an experienced actor within weighing solutions. Sphere24 has been Tamtron’s partner in the UK and Ireland markets for almost two years now and has had great success as a partner, due to the company’s strong customer-centric approach to weighing and overall business in general.

Sphere24’s founder, Chris Trent, says that the customer and the quality of products, as well as service, have been in the focus of Sphere24 during its 13-year history. These shared values give an excellent base for partnership with Tamtron:

”Our main focus has always been on the customer, and how we can offer them the best solutions and service that will advance their business. That is why we want to provide high-quality products that serve customers a long time. Quality and functional long-term solutions are something that is highly valued by our customers, and Tamtron’s offering and support for us as certified dealer enables us to provide that.”

Chris Trent mentions that the partnership with Tamtron is open and honest, which isn’t always easy to find and has enabled the partnership to evolve into success. The next steps for Sphere24 in the future are focused around expansion, regarding both geographic areas and product selection. The expansion is of course done with customer orientated approach, Trent highlights.

”Our competitive advantage is our fast, customer orientated and agile way of working – we can act on customer needs in different geographic areas very quickly, thanks to our sub-dealers around the country. This is something our customers expect and appreciate, and we want to hold on to that.”

We thank Sphere24 for excellent work and partnership, and look forward to continuing the partnership for the future years!

Partner of the Year 2023

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR 2023: Colcear Logistics Group

We were proud to present the ”Newcomer of the Year” award this year to Colcear Logistics Group. Based in Romania, this efficient company has been providing their customers high value with top quality products since 2007. The partnership with Tamtron started at the end of 2022 and has been successful right from the beginning – Colcear Logistics Group’s annual turnover last year was 2,3 million and this year’s turnover is predicted to grow into up to 3 million.

Alexandru Colcear, the founder of the company, tells that committing to offer high quality and reliable service has been the a main focus for the company since the beginning. The company employes 30 employees who all are committed to serve the customers in the best way possible:

”Our customers have diverse needs and wishes, to which we offer high quality solutions. Our partnership with Tamtron has further enabled us to offer them the products of the best quality. Tamtron’s technical support has also been a positive impact when delivering quality products to customers in different industries.”

Colcear Logistics Group’s annual sales are remarkable, especially in wheel loader scales, and the company isn’t stopping there – the plans for the future are focused on expansion to also other Tamtron’s product categories. This reflects the company’s strong desire to continuously learn new things that advance local weighing solutions forward.

”Next year we want to top this years sales and grow our customer base wider. At the moment we have a lot of business in the quarring industry, but we aim to expand to forestry and possibly ports, as Tamtron offers excellent, high-quality weighing solutions also to these industries.”

We thank Colcear Logistics Group for excellent work and partnership, and look forward to continuing the partnership for the future years!

Newcomer of the Year 2023