A year ago, Tamtron decided to start recognizing the most valuable partners annually with the “Partner of the Year” -award. In 2020 Tamtron is honored to present the “Partner of the Year” to Clark Engineering for long-term commitment and for providing their customers the top-quality equipment for tough environments.

Clark Engineering has provided engineering and forestry services for almost 100 years and is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of forestry equipment. As unforgiving and demanding the forestry industry can be, Clark Engineering is representing world class forestry brands or manufacturing their own products, to provide the highest quality products to their customers.

Clark Engineering is delighted to accept the recognition. “It is a great honour and one which we can tell our customers about. The real credit belongs to Richard, it is he who handles 100% of Tamtron business here in the UK. It is Richard who talks to the customers, sells units and trouble shoots all issues”, says Douglas Clark from Clark Engineering and continues, “Our company is very busy, the forest industry is definitely picking up. We are very excited about the new One Timber scale, it has great potential, we just need to get the message out next year and this award could be of great assistance. So, life for us right now despite Covid19 is good and your award puts the cream on our cake, thank you.”

We will continue to collaborate and support our Partners around the globe to promote and sell all the innovative products that Tamtron has to offer.

Tamtron Group congratulates and deeply thanks this year’s winner Clark Engineering from UK as well as all active Partners for their work and commitment. Let’s create successful 2021 together!

You can read more about Clark Engineering on their website.

Interested to be part of Tamtron’s a partner network – please contact: weighing@tamtron.fi

Richard Gordon