“Tamtron Group, an international expert in weighing systems, has been providing solutions for material flow management and invoicing for almost 50 years. Tamtron’s productivity improving solutions are suitable for both large multinational organizations and local companies. Tamtron is at an interesting stage, large-scale product development investments are nearing completion and the goal is to introduce them even more successfully to the international market. Dr. Paul Viio, Professor of Sales, has been appointed to Tamtron Group’s Board of Directors to support Tamtron’s next development phase, ”- Pentti Asikainen (M.Sc., MBA), Member of the Board.

“Successful Finnish companies are far too rarely seen in the international markets, and it is not because of lacking technological competence or good products. In addition to strong product expertise, Tamtron Group is a well-run and professionally managed company. Against this background, I believe the company has excellent opportunities is growing into a real success story and even a world-class company. It is a pleasure and an honor to support Tamtron on this journey as a member of the board of directors. ” – Dr. Paul Viio.