Berner Koneet has been supplying its customers with forklift and sweeping machines for more than 40 years. There have been occasional quality problems with the scales of some imported forklift trucks, and because Berner Koneet wants to offer its customers only the best quality, they have ended up replacing the original scales with Tamtron Scalift forklift scales. 

Herkkumaa Oy, a food company from Tuulos, is one of Berner Koneet‘s long-term customers, whose forklift scales have been replaced by better ones. 

– Some forklift trucks have had scales that do not meet the criteria we set. We have then replaced them with Tamtron scales, says Matti KoljonenCombilift Product Manager at Berner Koneet. 

– We wanted to find a scale that meets the needs of our customers so that they are satisfied with the products, he continues. 

Herkkumaa Oy was supplied with Tamtron’s patented Scalift 200 forklift scale, which, as type-approved, is suitable for commercial weighing.


Tamtron scales have proven to be of high quality and exceptionally easy to use. 

– Easy to use and weighing accuracy are important things for the driver. Calibration is easy, Koljonen says. 

Customer service has also been at an excellent level. 

– I have been very pleased with service I’ve got. Tamtron has installed the scales for us itself, in addition to which they have also taught our own mechanics to install these forklift scales, Koljonen says. 

– Everything Tamtron has promised has been kept, and always on schedule. Yes, such a familiar and reliable partner is an important and integral part of our business, he concludes. 

The Scalift 100 is designed for control weighing and the Scalift 200 for commercial weighing. 


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