State transport plants, large steel mills and oil refineries around the world need as accurate and reliable a moving train scale as possible, approved for commercial weighing. Tamtron Trapper train scale system is a very accurate and reliable weighing solution, the weighing data of which can be used as a basis for payment when buying and selling valuable material or product. Its quality and reliability are reflected in hundreds of deliveries around the world and the newly renewed EBA certificate.


Tamtron Trapper can be used to weigh a load, whether a train to be weighed in motion or stationary – effectively while working, as part of other activities. Thanks to the compensation for the shift in the centre of gravity, Trapper is also suitable for challenging weighing in the movement of liquid wagons, as trapper is in a class of its own in dynamic weighing. For static weighing, Trapper also achieves a weighing accuracy according to class OIML III (highest accuracy class 0.2 as recommended by the OIML R106), comparable to weighing readings of, for example, car scales or other accurate industrial scales.

The Trapper weighing system is designed so that the measuring sensors are protected inside the horizontal structure. New types of measuring sensors can be easily replaced without special tools and only by one person, so the maintenance of the scale is fast and efficient. Thanks to its structure, the scale works reliably in all weather conditions, from the tough winter conditions in the north to the tropical hot and humid climate. Hundreds of Trapper scales delivered and in use for years have verified their effectiveness and ability under all kinds of conditions.

The effectiveness of trapper’s weighing process is also increased by the management of weighing data. Weighing data can be transferred in different file formats from the scale to other systems or integrated into, for example, the ERP system. In this way, the weighing information will be available to all parties immediately.


The Trapper train scale system can be used to improve the safety of transport and operation, as the system has alerts related to overweight or loading errors. This is the way to detect, among other things, possible loading errors in a single roller or load positioning. In addition, the driver can be informed about the weighing speed or overload according to the customer’s wishes and as it best supports their operations.

Additional functions, such as wagon identification and imaging functions, can be connected to the Trapper weighing system. This allows wagon numbers to be reliably linked to the weighing results, avoiding error data caused by, for example, incorrect train lists or wagons removed along the way.



The Tamtron Trapper train scale system is suitable for all kinds of train printing needs, as it is always tailored to suit the customer’s needs. In other words, when purchasing the horizontal system, the wagon lengths, the gaps and the materials commonly transported on trains are taken into account. In addition, the necessary additional functions, the mode of alert and how you want to utilise and manage the weighing data are defined. In this way, the best train scale system, which is optimal in length, functions and price, can be provided, which fits into the customer’s individual operating environment.

The Trapper system is quick to install – it is installed directly on the crushed stone underground, so trapper does not require major track work. Thanks to this, the installation can be carried out in less than 24 hours and so that it does not cut off normal production much and can continue almost uninterrupted.


The Tamtron Trapper train scale system has been type-approved in the most accurate accuracy class in accordance with the pan-European MID Directive and has GOST RU approval. In addition, Trapper has been granted an EBA certificate, which is perceived as a measure of the quality and reliability of the product, but which is also a requirement for train scale systems in Germany. However, trapper’s customer orientation, efficiency and high-quality weighed data generated by the system are most reported by the fact that more than 700 of them have been delivered worldwide over several decades.

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