Container ship stuck at the Suez Canal has brought the focus to the global logistics and its vulnerability. As Suez example showed, in the global logistics the operations need to run smoothly since one hick-up may cause major delays and losses for several companies. When it comes to water transport, the container weighing is one of the most important activities at the ports. It will ensure that the cargo in the vessel is loaded correctly, meets the regulations and ensures the safety during the operations. Correct weighing data does not only ensure the right load, but also quickens ship turn-round time and minimizes cargo-handling cost.


Tamtron provides busy seaports with complete weighing solutions – type-approved, accurate, high-quality scales and modern weighing information management that ensure real-time access to the weighing data, reports and operations monitoring. Advanced and easy-to-use Tamtron scales weigh containers according to the SOLAS regulations during normal operations without interrupting or slowing down the workflow at seaports or in container depots.

– We have developed several scale solutions that can be installed to different cargo handling devices – regardless of make, Harri Pentinniemi Product Manager of On-Board solutions explains and continues, Tamtron One Power Container Stacker, Power Straddle Carrier Scale and Forklift Scale Scalift all weigh Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a container accurately, during container transit and loading operations, and meet the requirements of the SOLAS regulations. Tamtron’s Container Stacker and Straddle Carrier scales improve safety at seas, as the incorrectly reported container weight that can cause cargo to fall over is possible to avoid.

– In addition, with our One Power Container Stacker Scale and Power Straddle Carrier Scale container VGM and ID can be combined, and the information uploaded to your ERP, TOS, or other system through integration to ensure real-time access to reports and operations monitoring, he tells furter.

Tamtron’s reliable and robust weighing solutions will give operations a boost in efficiency and productivity, but will also reduce the unnecessary handling of cargo, driving and risk of accidents, and thus improve the working safety of employees and global logistics

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