The Scalift forklift scale product family, launched last autumn, is expanding as Tamtron has received European type approval for its Scalift 200 forklift scale. The Scalift 200 is thus suitable for commercial use and the weighing information it generates can be used for invoicing purposes.

The scale installed on the lift truck makes it possible to increase efficiency, save costs and work time. Avoiding unnecessary driving on platform scales, for example, also reduces the chances of collisions and improves workers’ occupational safety. Forklift scales streamline operations and increase productivity, safety and, with certainty, transparency and confidence in trading!

Tamtron’s Scalift 200 forklift scale has been developed in collaboration with our customers, for whom weighing time, accuracy and data storage are essential in work efficiency. The technology is protected by several European patents. This patented, type-approved scale also meets the requirements of the SOLAS regulations. The Scalift 200 is the ideal choice for applications that require extreme precision, including commercial use – such as steel mills, ports and sawmills.

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